The Trust


The Temple Trust is an historic buildings preservation trust for England and Wales. As a charity since 1994, the core activity of the Trust has involved the rescue and preservation of our architectural heritage existing in the form of historic garden buildings and their settings. The Trust came into existence solely for the public benefit, and has therefore endeavoured to improve public access to (and understanding of) these historic sites. As a matter of priority we target particularly listed buildings within public parks and open spaces and other sites with scope for regular or continuous public access (for instance, where there is a reasonable proximity to an established public footpath or other right of way). Our organisation is run and managed completely by the voluntary work of the trustees and volunteer supporters, and we currently have no paid staff and no venture capital. Our projects are largely funded by site specific grants and donations. 

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Since the inception of the Trust, our main role has been to initiate, promote, fund, implement, endow and generally act as a catalyst in a number of projects involving historic garden buildings at risk, including: The Temple at Gunnersbury Park in London (1994-1998), Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare at Hampton (1996-2004), and most recently the Cilwendeg Shell House Hermitage in Pembrokeshire (beginning 2003).  The Trust owns The Cilwendeg Shell House Hermitage which is available for public visitation by pre-booking online on this website.


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